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Ramallah Cultural Palace


Ramallah Cultural Palace was established in 2005 after years of planning and implementation by Ramallah Municipality and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the generous support of the Japanese government.

With its large spaces, hall rooms, and main auditorium area which can seat up to 740 people, Ramallah Cultural Palace came about as a result of an urgent need in the cultural sector, not only in Ramallah but in Palestine as a whole.

Since its inception, Ramallah Cultural Palace in numerous occasions has embraced high-profile artistic, cultural, political, educational, academic and scientific events at a local level, in addition to, artistic and cultural events at international level.

Since Ramallah Municipality continually strives to be to be up-to-date with modern technology, the Ramallah Cultural Palace underwent a complete process of rehabilitation in 2011; the interior was redesigned to make more use of its space, rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure to keep pace with technological developments, specifications and international standards, making it well prepared to receive the groups and events.

This project was funded by the Ministry of Finance/ Ministry of Local Government, and included the following elements: Updating sound and lighting equipment for the main auditorium; replacement of the main stage platform; rehabilitation of Issa Zyadeh conference hall; establishment of an electronic communication system and information service; opening a cafeteria for the public; creation of an outdoor area as an extension for the Cultural Palace; establishing a VIP reception office; development of the administrative offices; providing a logistics support unit for clients; constructions of a guard room; completion of work in general (paint work, insulation...etc.)

The Ramallah Municipality rehabilitated Issa Zyadeh Conference Hall to host conferences, workshops, and other meetings. It can accommodate 200 people and enjoys the maximum specifications, a comprehensive audio to visual technology, heating and cooling systems, and tables that can be moved and set as needed.

Issa Zyadeh Conference Hall offers exceptional catering service to those who organize conferences, workshops and events through the Ramallah Cultural Palace cafeteria. The catering service is customized as needed with average prices (noting that it is subject to the terms and conditions of Ramallah Municipality.

Working days:

The administrative staff works daily from 8:00 until 15:15 every day except Fridays and Sundays. However Ramallah Cultural Palace receives various events throughout the day.